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Publisher :
Release from 06 January 2021
Amazing Spider-Man - Les comic strips 1979-81 LEE Stan Panini Comics
Avengers - War of the realms T.11 COLLECTIF Panini Comics
B.P.R.D - intégrale T.1 MIGNOLA Mike Delcourt
Marvel Knights - Spider-man - Le dernier combat MILLAR Mark Panini Comics
Spider-Man (v2) T.11 COLLECTIF Panini Comics
Star Wars (v2) T.1 COLLECTIF Panini Comics
Star Wars (v2) T.1 - couverture collector 1/4 COLLECTIF Panini Comics
Star Wars (v2) T.1 - couverture collector 2/4 COLLECTIF Panini Comics
Star Wars (v2) T.1 - couverture collector 3/4 COLLECTIF Panini Comics
Star Wars (v2) T.1 - couverture collector 4/4 COLLECTIF Panini Comics
Star Wars (v2) T.1 - couverture collector Panini Comics COLLECTIF Panini Comics
X-men - Dawn Of X T.7 HICKMAN Jonathan Panini Comics
X-men - Dawn Of X T.7 - collector HICKMAN Jonathan Panini Comics
X-men - Dawn Of X T.8 HICKMAN Jonathan Panini Comics
X-men - Dawn Of X T.8 - collector HICKMAN Jonathan Panini Comics
Release from 08 January 2021
Before Watchmen T.2 COOKE Darwyn Urban Comics
Selina Kyle - Catwoman T.2 JONES Joelle Urban Comics
Young justice T.2 BENDIS Brian michael Urban Comics
Release from 13 January 2021
Marvel's Spider-Man - Le casse de Black Cat HOPELESS Dennis Panini Comics
Star Wars - Les secrets de la galaxie ROBINSON James Panini Comics
Wanda - La sorcière rouge ROBINSON James Panini Comics
Release from 15 January 2021
Batman mythology - La batcave COLLECTIF Urban Comics
Chère Justice League NORTHROP Michael Urban Comics
Release from 20 January 2021
Oblivion song T.4 KIRKMAN Robert Delcourt
Spider-Man / Deadpool T.1 THOMPSON Robbie Panini Comics
Star Wars - L'ère de la République HOUSER Jody Panini Comics
Release from 22 January 2021
Batman - détective T.4 TOMASI Peter Urban Comics
Batman - gotham aventures T.3 PETERSON Scott Urban Comics
Batman - The dailies T.2 FINGER Bill Urban Comics
Green Lantern - Hal Jordan T.3 MORRISON Grant Urban Comics
Green Lantern - Terre-un T.2 HARDMAN Gabriel Urban Comics
Release from 27 January 2021
Solo T.5 MARTIN Oscar Delcourt
Release from 29 January 2021
Batman - Année Deux BARR Mike W. Urban Comics



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