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opening - American / English American / English Title : Worthy of Your Soul
Interpreter : DJ Milky and b-nCHANt-d featuring Rachel Pollack
If I had the slightest clue as to what you are and what's inside you
I would know exactly what to do and be worthy of your love

If a flower bloomed in the frozen wastes and the moon had a smiling face
And the stars had not a hint of grace I'd be worthy of your love

I would be there when you're sad and lonely
I would not care if I sacrificed the only
Life I had, I'd give it up as if it were nothing

If I had what I haven't got, a second chance a second shot
I'd be something that I'm not, I'd be worthy of your love

I'd be there inside of every moment
I would know how every moment is a moment lost
Unless it's lived as if it's loved

If I could make up all the rules I would not carry out the work of fools
Or use deception and fear as tools and I'd be worthy of your love
I'd be worthy of your love
opening - Japanese Japanese Title : Anata no Kiss wo Oshiemasho ~You Were Mine~
Interpreter : Yuki Koyanagi
Chirakatta yuka no ue uzukumari hiza o daita
Mamorenai yakusoku ga KARENDAA yogoshiteru

Konna hi ga kuru nara
Dakiaeba yokatta yo motto Missin' you

Anata no KISU wo kazoemashou
Hitotsu hitotsu wo omoidaseba
Dare yori soba ni itakatta
Without you but you were mine

Kami no ke wo tabanetemo kinou to wa chigau kao de
Nani o shite magarawasu? Kodoku toka fuan toka

Sugoku suki datta yo
Sore dake wa kawaranai jijitsu Missin' you

Anata no KISU wo sagashimashou
Anna chikaku ni sawareta noni
Deawanakereba yokatta no?
Shiny days when you were mine

Anata no KISU wo wasuremashou
Kirai ni natte raku ni natte
Yoru wo shizuka ni nemuritai
I'm alone and you were mine

Do the nights and days cure my feel of pain?
Please somebody, say
All of my heart is almost cryin'
In your eyes, in your sight, was it certainly my place?
Tell my please, the reason of your love for me
Can I cry?

Anata no KISU wo kazoemashou
Hitotsu hitotsu wo omoidaseba
Dare yori soba ni itakatta
Without you but you were mine

Anata no KISU wo sagashimashou
Anna chikaku ni sawareta noni
Deawanakereba yokatta no?
Shiny days when you were mine


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5/55/55/55/55/5Cyrano de Bergerac en BD
5/55/55/55/55/5Le Cid
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